Since 1975, Deen Braathen and his team have framed everything from family photos to priceless works of art. No matter what the value of the piece, Deen’s philosophy never varies. “With anything we frame, the most important thing is to maintain its integrity, so that future generations can see the piece exactly the way it was,” says Deen. “I learned that from my dad.”

Deen’s father owned East Hennepin Auto Service in Minneapolis. Growing up, Deen helped his dad restore Packards, Cadillacs, and other vintage cars to their original glory. “My father would never dream of putting Chevrolet hubcaps on a Cadillac, because then it wouldn’t be history any more,” says Deen.

In 1975, Deen opened an art gallery that specialized in costume and set design renderings from the Guthrie, the Children’s Theatre, and other theaters. Over the years, Opening Night expanded to include framing, installation, art consulting, consignment, and other services. In 2000, Opening Night moved to the Lyn-Lake neighborhood, where it’s become a destination for art lovers, connoisseurs, and collectors from across the country who appreciate Deen’s passion for authenticity. “Like my dad, we’re craftspeople and caretakers of beautiful things.”



The Founder

Deen Braathen

Deen is the founder of Opening Night. He loves contemporary art, handmade Italian spectacles, cooking, and entertaining friends in his mid-century home. When Deen’s not working, he enjoys caravanning from coast to coast in his 1940 Cadillac Fleetwood convertible sedan.