Farida Hughes: Blend 5

Farida Hughes

Blend 5


Oil and resin, mixed media on wood

20 x 20 inches  

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How To Buy If you're interested in acquiring this piece or learning more about the artist, please contact Deen Braathen at [email protected] or 612-872-2325.

Artist: Farida Hughes

Grounded in a language of abstraction, my work explores human behavior and the collective energy of communities and groups, often from above or from a distorted vantage point. I explore intimacies and relationships created in temporary spaces, either staged or spontaneous, at public areas used for passage, performance, exhibition, protest, and celebration. I am inspired by the intimate relationships developed and discovered within large crowds, whether we come together by coincidence at street crossings, or gather with common conviction and intent. Individual stories intersect, creating landscapes of synchronization, self-segregation, and inter-dependency. Our human tendencies toward grouping and isolating fuel my aesthetic: I observe and translate these behaviors in color, form and shape. In blending areas of tension and negative space with energized forms, I look for harmony and balance. This results in layers of complexity in my work. Like an immersion in the whole of a large and diverse crowd, the more time spent with my work, the more the nuances reveal themselves.

View All Work from Farida Hughes »