Bonnie Cutts: Go Gracefully

Bonnie Cutts

Go Gracefully


acrylic on canvas

36 x 24 inches


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Artist: Bonnie Cutts

My acrylic paintings reflect my love for painting and are inspired by the natural world around me. Thick, viscous surfaces resonate with color and depth. The tactile layers, in combination with both bold and subtle colors, suggest pushing our boundaries and moving through spatial relationships.   Indeed, sometimes the physicality of painting and creating artwork is like a dance. I┬álove the action of working with the acrylic materials: manipulating them, applying them, incising into them, and reapplying a new mixture. At other times, I am reminded of digging in the dirt, working the soil, and planting the seeds. Just as I watch my garden grow, so do I watch my paintings unfold with each applied layer. The finished painting unearths a feeling deep inside of me: one that works, one that feels right and complete.   Balance and harmony are paramount in my work and in life. I pay attention to my surface; numerous layers of paint and gels are applied to create it. Often, the paintings have a feeling of textural relief. The layers I apply disclose my exploration of my materials, acrylic products that simultaneously screen and reveal portions of the underlying textures, forms, and colors. We all paint, erase, dance, and dig. This is a process. What is not visible is as important as what is seen.

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