Hazel Belvo

I am a painter. The natural world and the human psyche (specifically the feminine psyche) are the source of my work. Observation of nature and mythology reflect my interest in nature, spirituality, empowerment and identity. I have been called an artist who represents both a strengthening influence in society and a proactive agent of social… Read more »

Marcia Cushmore

Marcia Casey Cushmore is a philosopher and artist, a graduate of the University of Kansas, who has also studied at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, Kings College, University of Aberdeen, Scotland and Parsons School of Design, Paris, France. She was a featured Artist in ANIMUS cultural magazine, Buenas Aires, Argentina,… Read more »

Bonnie Cutts

My acrylic paintings reflect my love for painting and are inspired by the natural world around me. Thick, viscous surfaces resonate with color and depth. The tactile layers, in combination with both bold and subtle colors, suggest pushing our boundaries and moving through spatial relationships.   Indeed, sometimes the physicality of painting and creating artwork… Read more »

Michael Haiduck

“My work is predominately about observing landscapes set in the evening. I find the most forgotten or prosaic structures take on a more enchanted effect with the mixing of artificial light at that time. Capturing the light on these places  interest me greatly. With the exception of the Jello series. I prefer the more common… Read more »

Stephen Hartman

“My paintings are experiences, not puzzles or narratives. It the viewer takes the time to look and consider the painting, the painting will suggest and the viewer will define. Definitions will change depending on the viewers perception. The viewer is an active participant in a dialogue with the painting. The viewer in a hurry is… Read more »

Don Holzschuh

“Unlike the studio, reality and life can be completely different than in your mind. With open air painting, you don’t have painting as a form, but reality and life and you as an individual participating in the natural world. You tend to look at things in a more objective and pure way. When you’re painting… Read more »

Taji Joseph

As a visual artist, I create mixed-media artwork that includes a diverse set of materials consisting of paint, glass, and objects from nature, such as stones and trees. In combination with small ornaments from thrift stores to frequently dumpster diving, I retrieve items not considered to be seen as valuable. I describe my creative vision… Read more »

Jon Neuse

“Playfulness, experimentation and judgment are the principles behind my art. I begin all work whimsically not knowing exactly how it will look in the end. I experiment to make the visual relationships taut and constantly judge if formal artistic elements are resolving themselves into lasting relationships. It is difficult to make abstract art, because, as… Read more »

Randy Reeves

“The landscape has always been a reminder that nature is part of ourselves at the pri-mal, irrational level and therefore, inextricable from our emotional selves. Another investigation emerged from during my birth decade, abstract, organic, and biomorphic shapes and forms appeared in painting and design. Images once seen in Surrealism resurfaced in the 1950’s. My work “Tileoptic”, “1008”,… Read more »