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Salon Show

Explore Opening Night’s eclectic collection with works from artists such as Don Holzschuh, Bonnie Cutts, Marcia Casey Cushmore, Stephen Hartman, Randy Reeves, and many more.   On view from July 27th to September 29th, 2018.

All Things Spring

Opening Night Gallery celebrates the new season with its show All Things Spring. Aligned with the Minneapolis Institute of Art’s (Mia’s) Art in Bloom, this show will include flower-filled works by local artists as well as works from the gallery’s collection. Step into spring and visit Opening Night Gallery’s new exhibition!

Farida Hughes: Collected Amalgamations

FARIDA HUGHES: COLLECTED AMALGAMATIONS   My abstract paintings relate to organic social phenomena and unseen patterns of human behavior in our constructed common worlds. My own multi-cultural awareness has shaped a deep interest in personal identity versus community growth, energy and bonding, group formation, group movement, and human social behavior. Abstraction serves as metaphor for… Read more »

Bonnie Cutts: Inside Out

BONNIE CUTTS: INSIDE OUT For the past few years, my paintings have embodied a response to digital images of neurons captured by confocal microscopes. The neuroscientists’ images to which I was most attracted were of the hippocampus, one of the brain’s seats of memory. Memory: that core, vital thing; so central to experience it seems… Read more »