Farida Hughes: Collected Amalgamations



My abstract paintings relate to organic social phenomena and unseen patterns of human behavior in our constructed common worlds. My own multi-cultural awareness has shaped a deep interest in personal identity versus community growth, energy and bonding, group formation, group movement, and human social behavior. Abstraction serves as metaphor for this commentary on social interactions. My images explore forms as individuals of unique character, yet also as part of the collective energy of a whole, symbolically referencing how lives and relationships intersect and synchronize, self-segregate, and become interdependent. I visually explore themes of crossing boundaries and barriers, moving in and out of spaces designed and navigated by intent or default, toward an end of healing and harmonious understanding. Though my work is abstract and formal, the themes and emotions from which it develops are real.


On view March 9 – April 23, 2018.

Posted on 08/2/2018